Prosperity in the Organic Market

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There is a constantly growing awareness for ecologically produced foods amongst European consumers. And Germany is dependent on imports of organic peanuts. The largest exporter of peanuts is China, followed by India.

Egypt offers an alternative procurement market for traders from the EU. The geographical proximity to Europe and efficient logistics are important advantages in favor of importing Egyptian products. With Logistic Nuts, now there is a reliable supplier at importers’ disposal.

Meanwhile, Logistic Nuts is looking forward to presenting its organic peanuts to the European trade public for the first time at BIOFACH 2020.

More information about IPD at:

More information about Logistic Nuts at:

Based on an article,

by Juddith Emmerling from IPD, on February 2020

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Peanuts are exported to the EU: Italy - Germany - Greece – Netherlands and to the Arab countries Such as: United Arab Emirates - Iraq - Turkey

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